4 Tips for Saving Money on Your Limo Rental


4 Tips for Saving Money on Your Limo Rental

Renting a limo for your special event can be expensive, and can take away from the experience. You should be able to enjoy yourself without having the worry of a massive bill hanging over your head. When renting a limo service, there are a few things you can do to save money.

What’s Included?

Most limos have more features than a standard car in order to create that sense of luxury. When you hire a service, ask about what is already included in the limo you are renting. Some have full food service or a stocked bar inside the limo. Others may come with satellite TV or internet. All these things can add to your final cost. Look at what you plan on doing with the limo and share it with the company when you book. Taking out anything you won’t need or use will greatly cut down on the final cost.

Size Does Matter

The amount of people that will be riding in the limo can affect the total price of the rental. The size of the limo you rent should fit the size of your group, for the sake of the safety and comfort of your guests. Paying for the biggest limo on the lot when you have a small group is wasteful. When booking a limo service, ask the company what they have available based on your party’s size. A limousine service should be able to provide a vehicle that will comfortably accommodate any sized group for a fair price.

Timing Is Everything

Depending on the time of year, or even the day of the week, you may or may not be renting during the company’s peak season. Certain days of the week might also be slower than others. The general rule of thumb is high demand means high prices. Even booking your rental during a slow period can give you access to a lower price. Some companies are even willing to negotiate a lower price if you’re renting outside the main season. If you are booking during the busy season, keep an eye out for companies that have specials for certain events or group sizes. A package deal will usually have an all-inclusive, fixed price, but keep in mind that it might also include a set number of hours or be for a specific vehicle.

Location, Location, Location

One of the most important things to take into consideration when renting a limo is where you are going. The company will factor in the cost of fuel based on where you are and the total amount of miles the vehicle will be driving. Some areas are busier at certain times of the day, and some companies might charge for the additional hassle of heavy traffic. Any fees for parking or toll booths will also be added into the final cost, if applicable. The company might also have a fee if you are going outside of their normal service area, or even if you plan on crossing state lines.

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