5 Spring Wedding Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget

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5 Spring Wedding Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget

Everything about spring is just mesmerizing. You may come across the chirping of birds, the blossoming of buds and the refreshing breeze as you are on your way to your wedding in a limousine service Baltimore. If you love the season enough to have your wedding in one, here are some of the things you better tell your guests to bring along so that you aren’t the only one who enjoys your wedding –they do it too. Tell them long before getting into your Limo Service Baltimore!

On the other hand, if you are one of the guests who have been invited to an outdoor spring wedding, ensure that your go prepared. By preparation, we mean to carry these 5 essential items in your purse.

Makeup setting spray:

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If the wedding is in the very start of spring, it can get pretty humid out there –enough to make your makeup melt away. However, a setting spray will ensure that you have it where it should be as you dance the night away.


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As any guest, you wouldn’t want to miss out on even single second if the beautiful wedding, you will, however, if you keep squinting your eyes due to harsh sunlight. Carry a classy pair of sunglasses to compliment your face cut and also protect your eyes from the harmful UV light.

A cardigan or shawl:

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Spring can surprise you, one minute it is humid and the next minute its starts to rain and get cold. It is best that you carry an elegant shawl that matches your outfit so that you aren’t along the ones rushing back into the limo service MD to stay covered.

An umbrella:

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In case, it starts to rain, you wouldn’t want to be the only one without an umbrella over their head. Even if the guy on the weather news says the sky will stay clear all day, take an umbrella with you. Not only will it protect you from the rain, it will also shun you from the sun in case it gets too bright.

Once you have all these, you are set to head to the wedding in our limousine service Baltimore.

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