Honeymoon Packing Advice You Aren’t Likely To Receive

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Honeymoon Packing Advice You Aren’t Likely To Receive

Just as you start your married life and are headed for your honeymoon in our BWI Airport Limo Service, you may recall a blunder you made while packing, like leaving behind stuff you should have brought along instead of the one you brought and so on and so forth.


If you don’t want to be like that lady in the BWI Limo, here are some odd yet helpful packing advices when going honeymooning with you other half.

1.      Fold or Roll?

Do some of both: you may find a dozen YouTube videos explaining why rolling clothes are better than folding them or vice versa. Let us make this decision easy for you: both are acceptable!

2.      Download:

Have all the material (magazines, movies, songs, and books) downloaded in your smart gadgets so that they don’t have to complain about bad reception and slow internet connection when you are on the flight.

3.      Tote Bags:

Wherever you go, you are most likely going to bring back some souvenirs. They are, of course, precious and you would want them to find the best places in your suitcase. But why bother to find room for them when you can pack a pair of tote bags in your suitcase and use them when you need more space for all the stuff you brought?

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4.      Don’t Forget Gadget Accessories:

Unless you want to start your honeymoon fighting about who gets to charge their phone first in your Baltimore Airport Car Service, be wise and carry your separate gadgets and accessories.

5.      Be Prepared For the Worst:

We hope that it doesn’t happen to you but luggage does get lost or worse, gets sent back to where you began your journey from. This could happen to you too, which is why you should always carry at least two pieces of clean clothes and undergarments along with essentials, such as toiletries and medications, in your hand carry.

Now that you have read the list of odd yet important essentials, ensure you don’t leave for your honeymoon in a Limo Service Baltimore without them! Get Instant free quotes now!

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