My date didn’t show up, Should I go to Prom?

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My date didn’t show up, Should I go to Prom?

If you are looking for a three-word answer, here it is OF COURSE GIRL!

Just because your date had a sudden change of heart and decided to ditch you for a hot babe, it is time you tell him; you were doing him a favor by going with him. As for what we have learned from our experience of driving such rides in our Baltimore limo rental, they don’t always work out well, leaving the ditcher in pits of shame.

So if he decided to ditch you last minute by not showing up in a Baltimore limo service as you had dreamed of, it is time you call one for yourself and go to the prom alone in our Baltimore sedan service.

Don’t for a second have doubts to not go. This is a night that you will remember the most –for both good and bad reasons. Not going only because you don’t have a date isn’t reason enough. In fact, it could turn out to be a silver lining. How so?

The Many Benefits of Going Solo

Less stress to impress:

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Since there isn’t anyone to impress, you can do all the weird dance moves, drink and eat like a baby dinosaur without having your date to judge you on your poor health choices.

You can ditch the awkward photographs:

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No matter how classy a prom night photo looks like today, it is going to look super awkward ten years form now. Thankfully, you will save yourself from the humiliation your grandchildren will cause when they laugh at it.

You won’t feel trapped:

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It’s kind of an unwritten rule that when you go with a date to the prom you kind of have to stay attached form the hip with them. But since you won’t be going with one, there will be no soul tying you down form enjoying to the fullest.

Still unsure? We say you get dressed, call a Baltimore limo service and arrive in style at your prom single.

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