The Top Places to Visit when Planning a Limo Tour in Baltimore


The Top Places to Visit when Planning a Limo Tour in Baltimore

Baltimore is a big city, full of great places to visit over a long weekend or during a day trip. That said, the city can be very difficult to navigate, whether you are visiting for the first time or if you are from the surrounding area. Instead of relying on your GPS to help you get around while also trying to avoid rush hour traffic or getting lost, why not try the easier, more exciting alternative? Baltimore Limo Services can not only get you to your destination without hassle, but they will also give you a chance to ride in style. What could be a better way to tour Baltimore than that?

National Aquarium

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is one of the most well-known sites in the city. Loved by both tourists and residents, touring the National Aquarium can take all day so be prepared to get there early and stay late.

Depending on who else is coming with you, you can either take advantage of the guided tours the aquarium offers or wander around by yourself. The National Aquarium offers floors of interactive rooms, larger-than-life fish tanks, and even hands-on areas. This is a great choice for those who want to have fun and learn at the same time!

Camden Yards

Do you love baseball? Have you ever wanted to go to a game and see your favorite team play in person? Then Camden Yards should be the first stop on your limo tour. Also known as Oriole Park, Camden Yards is the ballpark where the Baltimore Orioles call home. In springtime, when the weather is nice and the fans are all out for some fun, Camden Yards is a great place to have a good time.

Hippodrome Theater

If you are looking for a mix of history and Broadway, the Hippodrome Theater is a great place to go. With a range of stage performances showing weekly, this place is great to visit for a matinee or a nice way to end a day trip. Showing up in a limo makes it even more special for you and your guests.

Baltimore Museum of Art

The Baltimore Museum of Art is a great choice for those who love history and art. With numerous current exhibits and even more upcoming ones, you can plan your limo tour to Baltimore around the displays you are most excited to see. With both modern and contemporary art, this museum has a little bit of everything, no matter what your interests are. You can sign up for a guided tour or take part in one of the museum’s many family events.

Maryland Zoo

Do you love animals? Then the Maryland Zoo should be at the top of your limo tour list. With so many exhibits and special events available to you and your group, it is not hard to spend an entire day at the Maryland Zoo. Before planning your limo tour, check out their website for visitor information, as well as any new exhibitions that have been added.

When you are ready to start planning your limo tour with Baltimore Limo Services, visit their website for rates, available vehicles and tips to make your rental experience that much easier. Remember to reserve your limo ahead of time so there are not any issues when it comes time to plan your visit to Baltimore. For any inquiries or issues, please visit the contact link online.

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